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In the meantime, hard-working Charlie was backstage making arrangements to share Flat Creek's gear.

When showtime arrived all problems appeared to have been solved.

Flat Creek emerged and began warming up the fans with some hard-hitting boogie and Blues.

"Little Brother" Billy Crain stole the show with his versatility, alternating on the drums, flute and slide and rhythm guitars. Charlie Daniel's Band then took up where his predecessors had left off.

The "Hoover" lineup was as follows: Quicksilver, along with Blue Oyster Cult, will appear at the War Memorial Auditorium Saturday Feb 10. Then I found a review of that show in the February 12 issue of the same paper that mentioned BOC's non-appearance because they were "snowbound in South Carolina".

The Charlie Daniels Band and Flat Creek were drafted in to replace BOC, with the final bill being Flat Creek / Charlie Daniels / Quicksilver (headliners).

I don't remember the dates, but after the first album, BOC headlined at the Kinetic Playground in Chicago with Jo Jo Gunne, Flash and Glencoe. Despite what the advert might say (mentioned above), BOC definitely closed the show the night I saw them, playing after Flash.

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Reviews, missing info, ticket stubs, posters, flyers etc etc - in short: anything!! Here are two new gigs for the 19th and 20th Jan to add to your lists.February 1973 saw the release of the awesome "Tyranny and Mutation", a record regarded by many as containing some of Blue Oyster Cult's finest compositions - though the Secret Treaties brigade might have something to say about that...These early History pages will contain - just like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - much that is apocryphal and inaccurate - but where it is inaccurate, it aims to be definitively inaccurate, so I'm hoping you, the fans, will take a few moments to set me straight on these inaccuracies or else simply just to add to what's already here.Despite Setbacks Blues Groups Captivate Audience for 4 Hours By Jerry Bailey War Memorial Auditorium dripped with the "blues" Saturday night - for four long hours.An ill omen surfaced early in the evening when Blue Oyster Cult, one of the featured bands, was snowbound in South Carolina and forced to cancel.

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