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Furthermore, if you think they’ve broken the site rules, make sure to report them to Flirt — they’ll open an investigation right away. Not sure if you want people to know you’ve been looking?

Go “Incognito” and browse profiles without anyone the wiser.

wants to take your worries away with their awesome privacy and security options. “We have a very scrupulous attitude regarding the security of our members,” Vera confirmed, adding, “Our system can recognize fraud and scams at the registration step.” For extra security, make sure that awesome guy isn’t too good to be true by checking if he’s been verified real by Flirt.

If a suitor becomes a little too persistent, you have the option of blocking them from contacting you again.

“Flirt liberates people, allowing them to be less conservative,” Vera said, explaining the site’s popularity.

Whether you’re looking for a Hollywood ending with Mr. Right Now, Flirt offers a relaxed atmosphere and simple ways to connect.

Flirt has translated their lighthearted take on dating into 20 different languages, connecting daters in 45 countries around the world.

Select from messages prepared by the experts at, or write your own witty one-liner to draw in the responses. Any user can Flirt their dating net — pardon the pun– for free.

Enter “Safe Mode” to control which users can message you.

To really set your mind at ease, Flirt also offers automatic search history clearing and advanced levels of site encryption.

Every romance starts with flirting.” Flirt sets themselves apart from the beginning, with their easy, streamlined sign-up process.

Users can start exploring with just a few bits of information — including email, birthday, location, and gender — and a catchy screen name. There’s a box for your self-description, and then 17 quick drop-down menus for sharing physical and lifestyle information.

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