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Mc Dermott: They aren’t really drafted because there are only 32 in the entire league. It’s a position where no matter what you’re going to be making a league minimum.I think guys who have been in the league 10 years are still making the minimum for a 10-year vet.By Stephanie Dattilo Taylor (A former and ABC Sports writer and researcher who now works as corporate lawyer, Taylor founded College Football in 2010 to educate newfound fans on the basics of the game and enhance the knowledge of long-time fans.The NFF periodically reproduces her reports, helping further her mission of creating a greater understanding of the game.) The Long Snapper. It’s actually a football position and it’s one that is discussed so infrequently in game coverage that the casual fan might not know what it means.Even for a player who was one of the top players in the nation in college at his position, breaking into that top 32 in the NFL is challenging (see examples Ja Marcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Ted Ginn Jr., Darrius Heyward-Bey, Knowshon Moreno and Tim Tebow).But nonetheless, the long snapper position is often overlooked to the benefit of those savvy and smart players who take advantage of the chance to make it into the NFL by starting to focus on long snapping in high school and following through on it at the next level.Or they will start the return one way and then switch back the other way to make people over-commit and get out of their coverage lanes to go chase him.

Thankfully I have the pleasure of knowing the snap count so I get a little bit of a head start, but not much. And then I cover down the field and try to make the tackle.Snapping was something that I did for my high school team, just kind of on the side.As I’ve gone higher and higher in the ranks of football, I wasn’t athletically gifted enough to excel at tight end, but I had a knack for long snapping and I turned it into a career Mc Dermott: I’m lucky in the fact that most of the people in high school snapping were those who played another position and didn’t follow through to keep learning the position once they got to the next level.And then I snap it to the holder, who then puts it down on field goals and on extra points for the kicker. Most teams have one guy that does both so they just call him the long snapper. When a punt is occurring, the opposing team is trying to return it, but they’re also trying to block the punt.Mc Dermott: It’s relevant in college because some teams have a deep snapper and a short snapper. But some teams have a guy who can’t do both because he isn’t good at one of them, so they have both a deep and a short snapper. And one of the biggest plays in a game that can change momentum is if the ball doesn’t even get off– that’s a big field position swing.

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