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Someone recently suggested that I compile some of the best questions and answers from my Curious Cat account and create a website post. I have also edited some of the questions for clarity.There are many more answers that are worth reading on relationships, culture, music, and other interesting topics.Donald Trump being elected as the 45th President of the United States is one of the most monumental calamities in modern world history.The pretense that Trump — despite being the next Leader of the Free World and Commander-in-Chief of the world’s foremost military — is powerless due to “checks and balances” is wholly insufferable.It is this Afro-pessimism that makes black progressives constantly downplay the racial progress that has occurred in the United States.Afro-pessimism also leads to the promotion of black helplessness in the face of white supremacy.Although the book becomes tremendously fascinating when the text centers around the development of Schuyler’s philosophical and political views, the rest of the narrative is stultifying.

The notion that conservatives of African descent must look for the positive aspects in the apparatus of white supremacy is a caricature of black conservative thought.Whether it concerns tax hikes, charter schools, property rights, or the federal and state government dictating our choices here at home; OC Daily reports on the interests and players shaping and re-shaping Orange County’s political landscape.There’s a hat tip map of Orange County that harkens to the days of OC Blog before it became Red County, but the outline is now in blue (wishful thinking on my part).Genuine black conservatives, by contrast, have a viewpoint that focuses on optimism and the belief in the indomitability of the human spirit. I write my Curious Cat responses pretty quickly from my smartphone, so the writing is less polished and structured than my essay writing.Black conservatives believe in the human capacity for greatness and the ability to thrive—with or without the actualization of perfect racial harmony. Where possible, I have fixed typos and predictive text errors.

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